Hi, itīs me, Miia

Fine Artist

Welcome to see my art and maybe even get to know me a little.

As an artist I journey in everyday life with all my senses wide open to any new things and phenomenon to be observed. The theme and way that I make my art vary quite much. I am fascinated by the materials. I approach my work often through the materials. I search the qualities and the mental image of the material and try to obtain the nature of the material in my work. The possibilities of the materials are endless and you can always find a new approach.
An essential factor to my work is also the space. The first thoughts of my work often rise at the space and the atmosphere of the place where I plan my work to be at. Three-dimensional art always has a relationship to the space around it and the affect of the space is always taken into consideration in my work. I am fascinated by the relationship of my art, space around it and the viewer. These three factors always have an affect on each other and they all became important in a situation where the art and interpretation take shape.